Over the years, We have compromised and accommodated to ensure every Party is exxxtra special (that’s why we’re rated "#1 Kidz party Place in NY.”) Unfortunately, some of our guests have taken advantage of our leniency, leaving us to make some ground rules to continue be #1
  • Outside Food & Decoration are not permitted with the following packages (Baby Boomer, SpaMper, SpaDiva, On the Floor Ultimate Gamers). Should you choose to do so without our approval a $115 fee will be applied. We can make it easier and better without a fee by choosing from the following 
       Theme/ Balloons/ Add-On’s https://www.kidz-lounge.com/addon 
       Food menu  - https://www.kidz-lounge.com/_files/ugd/6f3970_83f62b8121cd420d9adc69629e931c10.pdf
  • Depending on the Party package, you may arrive 5-15 minutes early. Our staff shall assist you with setup.        
  • If you’re hiring an outside Vendor and/or Artist, please check with us before confirming. (Usually they need extra time) As a reminder , we offer custom theme, Balloon arch and add-on’s  https://www.kidz-lounge.com/addon 
  • Decorations and props that need to be glued or nailed anywhere will not be permitted.
  • The place is only accessible for the scheduled time window. In your best interest, and the interest of events to follow, it is imperative that you arrive and vacate the party room as scheduled.  
  • An additional charge of $95 will be applicable should you need the place early, (subject to availability)
Once again we value your business and patronage, and look forward to making your kidz birthday party a fun and memorable event.