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With Great Packages bring Great Add-On's:
Glow-in-the-dark Party Theme

Glow any Party$94.99 (11 kids), add'l $4.99

Glow-in-the-dark includes:

Glow accessory to take home | Party Hats & Jumbo Sunglasses

Glow-in-the-dark Hair Spray | Neon party cups & Bowls.


Popular Balloons Bouquet$34.99+

Perfect backdrop Multiple color choices, to ensure your number balloons complements your Party Decor.


Balloons by Age$16.99/ per # 

Age is just  a number, they say :)…why not Celebrate each year with some Fun (40”) Foil Mylar Balloon

Multiple color choices, to ensure your number balloons complements your Party Decor.


Balloons Arch Display: Regular: $195  / Glow-in-the-Dark: $225

Perfect backdrop for any occasion. You pick the color and we do the rest. 

Please note: above price is for display at your event. Add'l $25 applies if you wish to take it with you 

Add-on Spa Robes .gif

Spa Party Favor

 Spa Robes with Plush Headband : $19.99/ each, Personalized Name $23.99+/each 

Unicorn Theme Party

Kid's Theme Parties: $69.95 (11 kids), add'l $4.50

 Celebrate your child's birthday in style with a Theme Party. Looking for something unique…. look no further than Kidz Lounge. We offer wide variety of themed Birthday parties for Boys and Girls - Minions, Super Hero, Princess, Unicorn, Diva, Elmo, Dora, Moana, Disney Frozen, Hello Kitty, Emoji, Mickey Mouse, Tea Party, Glow-in-the-Dark and many more

Princess Tea Party

"It's always Tea Time":  $94.99 (11 kids), add'l $5.99  

 In many parts of the world, tea time is an honored tradition of refinement and elegance, our Classic floral vintage tea party will make every kid feel just like that. Selection of both savory and sweet bites to satisfy both kinds of appetites. 

Banners Add-ons Page.gif

Theme Party Backdrop Display:  $29.99+ 

Wide variety of Backdrops to choose from to best compliment your theme/color scheme

Face Painting

Face Painting:  $99.99 (11 kids), add'l $7.99  

An amazing way for children to live their dreams. We love to see the delight of parents and the smile of their child when the mirror is turned and they see what they have become.

Our face painting products are made with Cosmetic grade, hypoallergenic non-toxic, safe for skin, FDA approved ingredients and easy to remove.

Glitter Tattoos

If your kidz love sparkle and shine then they will love these Fun & Exciting... 

Temporary Glitter Tattoos $79.99 (11 kids), add'l $5.99

For ages 3 to 103…boys & Girls, Glitter Tattoos are temporary, waterproof and can last a few days depending on skin type, care and maintenance.

We use only high-quality products that are CPSIA certified, Hypoallergenic and very safe for the skin!

Themed Birthday Cake
"A Party with Cake is just a meeting"...Need a deliciously yummy Theme Cake? got it: $95 and up
Princess Theme

The Lounge Princess Theme: $69.99 (11 kids), add'l $4.75

Princess Tiara and Wand are a must for every little girl, it is sure to put a smile on your little girls face and make her princess party a true royal experience. 

Combo Offer

Buy More, Save More!... Add any three and save 10%, add any four and save 15% 

LOL Surprise
Lemonade Toast
 ($2.75/ per child) 
Pink champagne?...well not exactly...This refreshing  kid-friendly Pink Lemonade is the perfect toast for any celebration.
kids custom theme party
Lets keep everyone Hydrated and Refreshed. Add a unique touch to your party with Personalized Mini-Water Bottles: $2.75/ per bottle (min 10)
Nerf Battle
Classic Popcorn: $39.99
(11 kids), add'l: $1.99
MMMMM...Who doesn't love the sound of pop...pop...pop...popcorn. It's a wonderful, magical sound that signifies a treat on it's way! 
kids party favor
Mini Cupcake Party Favor 
Assorted mix of - Lollipop, Skittles/Sixlets, Gummi Sour Neon worms, Jelly Beans and Cupcake
Kids Party Snack
Unicorn Smore Popcorn:
Chocolate, Popcorn and Colorful Marshmallows...Need we say more? $49.99 (11 kids), add'l: $2.50
Kidz Lounge Party Favor

Party It Up Favor $9.99

Our Irresistible Varieties in a Fun 12 Oz Dome Cup covered with Cotton Candy is the New Popular Favor for any Party.

Glow in the dark Party drinks
Exclusive Personalized Glow-in-the-Dark Water Bottles: $3.50/per bottle (min 10)
Dazzling Glow Party Fountain: $2.99/ per child 
Kids Birthday Party
Memories: $249.99/20-25 Photos with Personalized Montage.
Party Photos have never been easier. Let us take photos throughout the party, while you sit back and enjoy the celebration.
Personalized Photo Montage: $24.99
Personal touches make even the smallest gesture priceless.  
(Should you choose this add-on, please email us 15-20 pictures in .jpg format atleast 48 hours before the party.)
Kids party balloons

Inflated Latex Balloons...from solid to polka dots: $11.99/six , $19.99/dozen  

Themed Party Balloon:$19.99  and up

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