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Kids Spa
Kids Theme Cake
Children Party Place
Parents Lounge
Kids Manicure
Kids Game
Kidz Lounge Theme
Children Party Place
LOL Theme Party
Kids Pedicure
Kidz Lounge Rope
Classic Popcorn
Kids Party Favors
The Lounge Theme
Personalised Water Bottle
Kids Party Favor
Kids Nailpolish
Kids coloring activities
Disney Princess
Kids Spa

"Dear Dina, we had a very nice time during our sons birthday party today,children (girls and boys) and adults absolutely love the place and staff , best birthday party. Thank you guys very much, we would recommend your place to everyone."

- Kristen Comiskey

Glow in the Dark Party
Kids Dance Floor
Kids Dance Party
Kids Club
Glow Party
Kids Dance Party
Dj | Kids | Dance Floor
Video Games for Boys
Kids Fun Party Place
Kidz Lounge
Children Party Place
Dj | Kids | Dance Floor | Glow Party
Kids Glow Party
Kids Dance Party
Glow Party
Boys Birthday Party

“I have 4 kids (2,5,7,10 yrs old) and as you can imagine,  I have done quite a few parties over the years.  This place looks a cut above the rest. They have a parent area with comfortable couches, coffee, and video monitors so you can keep an eye on your kids while the staff is taking caring of their needs and entertainment. Everyone had an amazing time. Thank you Kidz Lounge :)” - Maria Kournikova

Dance Party for Kids
Boys Birthday Party
Girls Spa Party
Girls Scout Party
Boys Scout Party
Glow Party for kids
Fun Party Place for Kids
Glow-in-the-Dark Party
Girls Spa Party Place
Boys Party Place
Disney Party
Fortnite Party
LOL theme Parties
Nerf Gun Party
Kids Manicure
kids Gaming Party
Kids Activities
Girls Pampering
Princess Party
kids Tea Party
Kids Graduation Party
halloween Party
Just Dance Party
Girls Scout Party
Best Party Place in New York
Karaoke Party
#1 Party Place in Staten Island

"It was fabulous!! Definitely wanna do it next year again for Xmas it was perfect for us to get together. The place is beautiful - we all will be spreading the word! Thanks again" - Sofija Paljevic 

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